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15 August

The Slumber Party

Billy Bucher, Sunnyvale, TX, August 2004

I recently had the great pleasure of performing with two of my favorite musicians, Shake Russell
and Dana Cooper at Gruene Hall in infamous Gruene, TX.

The event was to celebrate the release of the John Vandiver CD "I Found a Dream" for the first time in the Austin area. See "Finally Realized Dreams." The next stop will be in Austin on September 2nd at the Cactus Club and then Dallas later this fall.

It's even hotter here in Sunnyvale today than at Gruene Hall. But only a bit hotter. Still, Betty's garden out in front of the house is filled with butterflies and there is a swarm of swallowtails swirling over the pink zinnias.

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09 August

Welcome -- Class of 1969

Billy Bucher, Sunnyvale, TX, August 2004
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I would like to welcome an influx of readers from my home town of Atlantic, Iowa during the upcoming weeks. My sister, Pam Raffurty, whom you from Atlantic remember as sweet (ah, hmm?) Pami Sue Bucher and I have been writing back and forth over the past months, planning for me to get to this reunion. Unfortunately, in the end, some last minute oversights didn't allow me to make the trip north.

One of the joys of being from a small town, was that a person gets to know a lot of people from the classes above and below them. This was compounded by my first working at the swimming pool in the summer and later, while in college, coaching the swimming team.

Because Pam was in the class of 1969, and because some many of my swimmers were out of this class, it makes this group of people very special to me, indeed. The stories posted on February 20th and 27th and the story on March 11th revolve around the Atlantic Swim Team or the Altantic Swimming Pool.

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