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Claudia Snowden, Austin, TX, January 26, 2004:

After many delays and false starts, I'm looking forward to adding my humble threads to the tapestry that was Denton and the Hob Nob in the middle 1960's. And in the process, weaving that into the river of life I've found myself on, under, and around, and the amazing characters that have populated that river and its banks.

Billy Bucher has commented that our lives seem to have run on somewhat parallel tracks, certainly in many of our experiences, and most definitely in people we know and love, even if our particular slices of time came from overlapping parts of the apple. At times this seems pretty amazing, but then I remember how truly awesome Denton was circa 1965-67, and the legends surrounding that time, nod my head, and accept it as all of a piece. Truly, there are only 3, quickly shrinking to 2 degrees of separation these days.

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