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31 March

David Ian Brown Changes My Life -- Part 5

Billy Bucher, Denver, CO, August, 1964:

The best thing about coaching the swim team was that it left me with August off so I decided to head west and visit some of my friends.

I met Dave Brown at Atlantic High School and to this day he is one of the brightest people I've ever known. He had won a scholarship to Phillips Exeter Academy while a paperboy for the Des Moines Register and after graduation he received another scholarship to Stanford. Besides that, he was witty and knowlegeable. The first stop of my trip was Denver where Dave was taking a break from academia and working at McDonalds. I remember back then we marveled at the fact that the chain had sold over 1, count 'em, 1 million hamburgers at the time! Imagine that!!! Boy howdy! By now, of course, former employees must number in the millions themselves, but Dave Brown will always be among the leaders in this area. Another first for Brown.

The only distressing thing, though, was the fact that I had hardly arrived before he became increasingly adamant that I see the newly released Beatles' movie, "A Hard Days Night." He began his campaign to drag me to this movie from the first day. He had just seen it and he assured me I'd come away feeling the same way as I did on the first night that I had heard Bob Dylan.

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11 March

Splish Splash -- Part 4

Billy Bucher, Atlantic, IA, July 1964
Written February 22, 2004

No, things were not working out in quite the way I had planned and it wasn't that far into the summer. Good grief. Now I had a bunch of kids depending on me to improve their standing in S.W.I.S.A. which, of course, stood for the South West Iowa Swimming Association. Yes, you should have guessed.

Yet, the first day, when I laid out the program that I'd put together, I had no way of knowing that there would be changes here in Atlantic, Iowa, as well. To that time, the highest the Atlantic team had finished at the end of the summer was third place. I promised them, with fingers crossed, that we would do better than that that year.

Betty Pellett, the diving coach, was a bit more straight forward and stated that we'd better finish with a bit more respect than a third place and that was a fact!

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