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10 February

Driving Rural Belt Line -- Part 2

Billy Bucher, North Dallas, TX, March, 1964:

I didn't know that driving back and forth to Richardson, Texas, that year was going to have such a profound impact on the beginnings of a year of change. It seems so long ago now and yet simultaneously it feels like a mere couple of days. I know, though, for sure that Belt Line Road is a clear measure of just how much time has passed.

I played for several months early that year and until school was out for the summer with an organist named John Williams. No, I don't believe it was the Star Wars fellow. Williams had a gig three nights a week at the Canyon Creek Country Club in Richardson. Wednesdays, I recall, was easily my favorite night as they hosted a large buffet and before we began to play we were free to feast to our heart's content. This, certainly, was heaven to a hungry and not so well off college boy. Still, it's the drive from Lewisville to Richardson which is what I still marvel at today.

Belt Line Road was almost totally out in the country!

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