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04 February

The Day After -- Part 1

Billy Bucher, Denton, TX, February 10th, 1964

The first band I ever played the drums with was a rock and roll unit in Atlantic, Iowa, called "The Barbarians." The guitarists were Larry Brown and Larry Woods, who later became quite a painter and now lives in Europe. I believe The Barbs only played at one or two parties before we disbanded. It wasn't really the stuff that dreams were made of.

After that, my friends and I discovered jazz and during the remainder of high school my focus shifted from rock to jazz. This trend continued into college. In other words, I pretty much abandoned top 40 radio.

So, on this day, forty years ago, I remember entering a small sandwich shop in Denton, Texas. No, I'm sorry to admit that it wasn't the infamous Hob Nob and I felt very uncomfortable there. It was filled with lots of fraternity and sorority people. I'd been to Voertmans to buy books and I just stopped in for a quick snack.

To make me even more uneasy, two sorority girls pointed at me and began to giggle.

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