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09 August

Welcome -- Class of 1969

Billy Bucher, Sunnyvale, TX, August 2004
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I would like to welcome an influx of readers from my home town of Atlantic, Iowa during the upcoming weeks. My sister, Pam Raffurty, whom you from Atlantic remember as sweet (ah, hmm?) Pami Sue Bucher and I have been writing back and forth over the past months, planning for me to get to this reunion. Unfortunately, in the end, some last minute oversights didn't allow me to make the trip north.

One of the joys of being from a small town, was that a person gets to know a lot of people from the classes above and below them. This was compounded by my first working at the swimming pool in the summer and later, while in college, coaching the swimming team.

Because Pam was in the class of 1969, and because some many of my swimmers were out of this class, it makes this group of people very special to me, indeed. The stories posted on February 20th and 27th and the story on March 11th revolve around the Atlantic Swim Team or the Altantic Swimming Pool.

I hope you will enjoy some of the stories contained within this site and I hope you will leave me a comment here and there. I, very much, wish I would have made it. I would have loved to see you all again. It sounds as if it were a crazy couple of days.

I have always contended that Atlantic, Iowa, was a good place to grow up. The schools were great. The air was clean. The winters were cold. Oh, yeah, that's why I'm in Texas. Anyway, the hearts and spirits of Iowans is a very odd and complex combination of focus, an ethic for hard work and, yet, a bit of oddity which hovers just slightly in the distance. But, then, that last part may be just me.

Anyway, I hope to hear from y'all. I have always had fond memories of you. I would have loved seeing you all. Thank you for being there and thanks for the kind things you mentioned to Pam about remembering me. Maybe Abe Lincoln was right. "You can fool some of the people some of the time."

Seriously, here's hoping you all the best. You are all good people. It's good to have you stop by the Hob Nob.

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stephanie schrader deardorff wrote:

Hi Bill; have been meaning to write since the reunion. pam passed your email around to us. you would have had geat fun. that band is sounding a little old but aren't we all? they were actually inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over labor day in Lake Okibojii. it was great to see everyone and catch up on things. i do have fond memories of growing up in atlantic and the swim team. we were great huh?
09/07/04 22:51:01

billybucher wrote:

Thank you so very much for writing in. Yes, we were fantastic!!!
Yes, isn't it odd how things that may not have seemed so important at the time take on a whole different meaning later on.
My folks were great at keeping a scrapbook, thank God, during high school and a bit after. When I went to college, though, I pretty much lost everything. Oh well.
One thing I do have is a picture of you and Marlene Pellett, Suzie Bullock, Dan Kluever, Jim Vollmuth and Steve Moore holding your trophies. I also have a picture of Betty Pellett and I sitting with the overall team awards. We look pretty happy, all right. If I can ever figure out this new Epson Stylus, I'll post them on the site.
It was a great time and I enjoyed everyone on the team.
Keep in touch and stay well.
All my best,
Coach Billy Bucher (hadn't said that in years!!!)
09/11/04 17:05:36
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