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25 April

Haircut -- Intermission Two

Billy Bucher, Tipton, IA, October, 1945:

During the depression and after the Big War, my Grandfather, William W. Bucher, held down two jobs. He was a barber and he was a butcher.

Therefore, it was no surprise that since we were living in a nearby town called Stanwood, Iowa, Dad dressed me up one Saturday morning and took me over to the barber shop for my first haircut.

I must have been one or so and I, of course, have no surface recollection. Still, as my dad recalled the story, I was smiling when they put me in the chair with my long, black locks in place. Then Grandpa Bucher pulled out the shears and my face suddenly turned fifteen shades of red.

Undeterred, Grandpa Bucher took the side of my head in his hand and with a few skillful swipes of the shears, I was like a little bowling ball.

My father told me that I cried most of the rest of the day and, for two or three days after the traumatic incident, I would touch my head and break into uncontrollable tears. Dad was mortified.

Later, in the late sixties and seventies, Dad blamed himself for my having a fierce desire to wear my hair long. And even to this day I wear it a bit on the longish side. I'm hoping when I'm an old geezar, I can wear it halfway to my ass again.

I guess your life is shaped by forces that you don't remember except through your parents. Yet, sitting here this afternoon, I wonder if due to Grandpa's double life as a butcher, the subject of circumcision ever came up prior to my birth? Did Grandpa Bucher check out the instruments at the meat market and eye the chop block? Ouch!

Yet, now it's a new millenium and the other day my stepdaughter Molly got sick and tired of her son Evan sweating so much and having wet hair all the time. Suddenly, she grabbed the clippers and attacked his head like my grandfather had done to me so many years ago.

The odd thing is that Evan, instead of tears, will now run his hands over his spiked head and say, "HAIR. LIKE IT!"

Hopefully, maybe his life will be more normal than mine has been.

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Clint Bucher wrote:

Looking for Martin and Mary Bucher relatives (about 1870s)from the Mechanicville, IA area. Any relatives?
01/13/05 14:25:15

billybucher wrote:

Clint, I emailed my sister in Kansas City. She replied "Yes, how exciting. I believe that Martin was Grandpa Bucher's uncle. I know that Martin was the name of one of Grandpa Bucher's brothers, too. I
will look as soon as I can at the family tree that I have. I know it is
the same because of the area.'
more later.
If you correspond, please include my email, too.
Pam Bucher Raffurty
01/17/05 00:09:33
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